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The Blissful Life Sessions


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Guided Meditations for Health and Happiness

Free from Addiction

With : Hypnotherapy Techniques, Positive Affirmations, Binaural Brainwave Music



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MP3 Download £5.99

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NOT NOT LISTEN TO THE BLISSFUL LIFE SESSIONS WHILST DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. The Blissful Life Sessions contain Binaural Brainwave Music, which can induce a deep level of relaxation. Listen somewhere safe, quite and comfortable, where you will not be disturbed. Binaural Brainwave Music is also not suitable for those who: are pregnant, are prone to seizures, are epileptic, have a pacemaker fitted, are photosensitive.




Love You

Fit and Slim

Pure Bliss


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Personal Hypnotherapy MP3

Just for You...

A tailor-made Guided Meditation/Hypnotherapy MP3

 (Includes Free 20 minute consultation call)

For £60 (apx $90)


PLUS 1 free Blissful Life Session of your choice



Order here: charlotte@blissful-life.org


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Beautiful Woman

Little You

Feel and become more beautiful than ever

MP3 Download £5.99

MP3 Download £5.99


Heal and comfort your Inner Child

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Let go of any Addiction

What people say...

'I have listened to many, many of these  and yours by far is the best I have heard. All aspects are superb.

(Russ on 'Healthy Body')


'I found myself smiling the entire time and I felt such a sense of peace and contentment. The next day, I woke up with the same smile on my face. Seems like I finally found the right product for me :)'

(Ana on 'Jump for Joy')


I think this mp3 is the most relaxing one I've ever listened to (and I've listened to quite a few) it is also filled with Light and Beauty. Your voice, the music and the Beautiful instructions makes me long for a the next session.

Your Reading is simply so Positive!!

(Sandra on 'Beautiful Woman')

'Stand a head and shoulders above much of the material that we review'

(The Guided Meditation Site)

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