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By Charlotte, Apr 14 2017 04:25PM

You are Sacred, and you are worthy of love and respect. Everything about you is Sacred.

Every part of your physical body is Sacred, and it also begins to heal when you treat is as such. Each and every part!

Even if you feel far from ‘Sacred’ at the moment, deep in the centre of your Being there is an Eternal Wellspring of Love. That is definitely Sacred, and so is your beautiful heart.

Every feeling and sensation that generates from your Being is worthy of love and respect, and by treating each that arises as Sacred, it heals it.

So what if you don't feel or believe you are Sacred? Then what do you believe you are? A human shaped piece of flesh and bone? Or one of the many labels assigned to you throughout your life maybe, like a man, a woman, a mother, a father, sister, brother, friend or maybe your job title. What about the real you beyond those things?

When you treat every aspect of your life as Sacred it also becomes infused with Light and transformation. Miracles can happen.

This is why gratitude is such a powerful tool for positive change. Gratitude and Sacredness are strongly linked. Gratitude bestows value on wherever it is focused, and creates wonderful positive changes and miracles where you didn’t think possible.

When you treat other people as Sacred, relationships transform and even wonderful new people show up for you.

When you treat money as Sacred it becomes your material friend and multiplies, it becomes a reliable companion and shows up when you need it. If you value money, money values you. It is the same with any material need and this also applies to our relationship with Mother Earth. Value the planet and the world around you, everyone (including yourself) benefits from this.

It all starts with You. When you start to see yourself in this Light, your life becomes magical and inner darkness and pain heals, circumstances improve, and you become the most true and loving version of yourself.

Sacred means to be worthy of respect and reverence. It means to see something or someone as infinite and holy, whole and complete, to see the Light and connection in all things. You can treat something as Sacred by showing appreciation, gratitude, respect, consideration and seeing the intrinsic beauty and value of it.

Here is an exercise for appreciating your body and infusing it with love:

Take a moment to sit in stillness and tune into the present moment. Make each of the following statements to yourself and take time after each to feel that part of your body. Acknowledge it, respect it, value it, and love it it. You could also ask The Light to show you the Sacredness of each.

My heart is Sacred

My breath is Sacred

My blood is Sacred

My hands are Sacred

My feet are Sacred

My skin is Sacred

My hair is Sacred

My organs are Sacred

My muscles are Sacred

My whole body is Sacred

I am Sacred, whole and complete

You can use these kind of statements for all aspects of your life.

When you start to see the Sacredness of all things, life takes on a whole new beauty.

Much love to you!


By Charlotte, Mar 22 2017 07:48PM

(Edited Re-Post)

According to World Hunger, 13% of the world population are hungry and malnourished. Even more concerning, is the global starvation of the soul. People are forced to rummage in the metaphorical rubbish bins for their next fix: to fill the hole that will never be filled by the system we live in. People are searching for something. Love, warmth, beauty? Maybe, but perhaps shadowed by addictions, desires and temptation. Subconsciously done so, in order to get one step closer to the pure love and wholeness they sense is missing.

When I finished a detox, my body felt so clean that the thought of eating junk food made me feel ill. But junky offerings were all around me and before I knew it, I was picking at unhealthy food again. We are surrounded by metaphorical junk of all kinds, and even if you are searching for pure love and your inner Divinity, those wordly temptations can easily reel you back in like a fish on a hook. It is the same with the world and deep soul love. If are always distracted by addiction and temptations, how can we know the true and pure love that exists?

So the energetically malnourished are knocking on all the wrong doors – there is no button on the TV control that says ‘Heavens Gate’, there is no ‘Inner Peace Channel’. Filling the supermarket trolley with coloured packets has become a substitute for nurturing the Inner Self. But when these doors seem like the only options, what do you do? The obvious spiritual path for most people has become twisted and corrupted at a deep level. Religion, for many people is yet another tangled web, though it can provide a framework of strength for some, if that’s what helps you. The New Age movement is not appealing for everyone either. But you don’t even have to be ‘spiritual’ to the outer world, you just need a connection to your own heart, Humanity, nature and people around you.

‘Spiritual’ people are everywhere: People who are alive, connected and breathing, who have a heart and care, who laugh heartily. Not necessarily sitting in a lotus position chanting, maybe just the little old lady next door who would love you to try her freshly made coconut cake.

Maybe that is the way for the malnourished spirit. The Human Spirit will succeed in the end. It is strong, it can be strangled by the system but people wont keel over altogether. Thankfully there is a new light weaving its way through the world, creating a brighter future, although it might appear as chaos as it spurs the needed changes. In the meanwhile, look for the beauty in yourself and others!

Maybe as the major changes and shifts in our world get underway, and people awaken more and more, people will turn inwards and look for that deeper love, that was sat in their hearts all along, the Eternal Wellspring of the infinite self.

Dive through your heart: Feast, drink and be merry!

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