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I created this site to share all the wonderful things that have inspired me and uplifted my mind, body and soul into Divinity, Light, positivity and wellbeing. ('Things' being: energies, downloads, visualisations, practices, teachings, funnies and oxytocin-inducing love bombs).


Im not trying to be an authority on any subject, and I am by no means a perfect example of a blissful, enlightened Human!


But since my awakening and healing Journey started about 8 years ago I have done a lot of deep diving! I have overcome some deeply embedded trauma, from this lifetime and many others (and some is still transmuting, gradually). I have also learnt much from some incredible teachers in the form of other people and also Celestial Guides in Spirit.


With these experiences of navigating through such deep, dark inner terrain and expanding into Light and beauty, and the learning and growth that comes with balancing these energetic states... I would love to share those experiences and what I have learnt so far - if my sharings help you or inspire you then that is wonderful, and makes me so happy!


As I continute to ride the crescendos of my deep soul integration, I have some good days and some where I less connected. So I cant promise to be a 'Beaming Light Pixie of Positivity' 24/7 but I will try to share what feels authentic, helpful and True (and maybe some giggly stuff).


My Prayer for this site is that it shares Blessings, Divine Inspiration and Peace on all who find themselves here.


Much love to you.








Occupational Background: Publicist, Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Manifestor, Mummy


Things I love: My Daughter, Family, Friends, Conscious Dance, Music, Martial Arts, Plants, Flowers, Gaia, Animals, being silly, kids, writing stories, visualising and creating Bliss, Sacred Sensuality, Teddies